Challenge to create my royalty free painting!

So many beautiful photos everywhere you look and it’s very tempting to just paint from them! As an artist I have to adapt my way around and to create my own image, so no one can claim it’s their image I’m using... I’ve realised actually how exciting and interesting to pick up from lots of images the best parts and then put it together in to my own painting and this is what I have come up with called “Raising Elk Bull”

Project for the Canadian animal lovers

Exciting to put together a project of my own with such combination of cute, funny, funky characters Alpaca and llamas on one canvas. Differents between this two breeds: llamas have long banana-shaped ears while alpacas have shorter spear-shaped ears. there really are a lot of differences between llamas and alpacas. The llama is roughly twice the size of the alpaca. ... They have been used as guard animals for alpacas.

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