Billy the Cat portrait commission.

Very interesting and emotional project that brings joy to work on. This sweet Billy adored cat by a nice family in his old age, his family decided to produce a memory of him in very special way. Giving me this wonderful opportunity 😃 and I’m very happy to do it, also I think it’s a good thing by giving my farm animals art a little rest😁 Bringing the depth and proportions out. So I thought to compliment the background colours is to introduce the colours of outdoors where Billy probably spends and enjoy time a lot, usually my popular backgrounds is like a sky. So nice it’s to make Billy come through on the canvas with combination of outdoor colours and sky and and with extra bright colours t

Finished Grand Project “Simmental’s Family Love”60” x 60”

The longest project I’ve ever taken on, six months full time working with a wonderful Scottish Simmental’s loving Cow Family is now officially completed. Very satisfying and ready to face lots more with excitement and challenges to achieve and accomplish for my future plans. I have really thoroughly enjoyed painting large canvas and can’t wait to create more large art.😃😇🎉 Scanned images will follow on the social media and prints will be available for sale very soon through my website (Limited Edition Hand Crafted by me, please visit the shop on my website to see the difference’s) as well as distributed in the slightly different style by one commercial company around U.K. , Ireland, Scotla

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