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My first blog post-a short summary about me

Firstly, thank you for appreciating my work.

My full Russian name is Dina Perejogina. I was born in St Petersburg. My love of wildlife and fine art has led me to develop a very detailed style of work. I will usually spend several weeks on a painting to ensure I capture the intricacy and essence of my subject. I always try and create emotion in my paintings, and I hope you enjoy my work and will be moved to smile whenever you catch sight of it. I am a member of Spalding Arts & Crafts Society and made history in June 2016 by becoming the first artist to win the public vote at the South Holland Open Arts competition for the third time. I choose to display my work in local art galleries; working with the best art publisher to scan my original paintings and reproduce my limited edition prints to the highest possible standards. I also supply one of the leading finished wall art suppliers in the UK so that my work can be distributed to major department stores, including John Lewis. My latest enterprise is to partner with a leading art publisher in North America that distributes artwork to the retail, corporate and hospitality markets.

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