“True Highlander”

Painting by Dina Perejogina Original and Print new arrival “True Highlander” 40” x 40” acrylic on canvas for sale on www.dinaperejogina.com Canvas prints available to, hand crafted limited edition. Inspired by Scotish Highlands colouring in the outdoor nature and decided to put Highlander Bull on this background, lots of layers and medium on this cute bull, to creat 3-D to make him stand out and blend in at the same time as I want it to achieve a certain environment for him to look natural as if he is just standing there... 

Please view more photos and videos on my website (videos are new options I’ve introduced 😃)

New print have arrived 40” x 40” exact replica of the original even the size the same, available through my website www.dinaperejogina.com 

Thank you everyone for enjoying my art 

Looking forward to hear back from you 🤗

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