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New Mighty Bull Addition.

My dear followers as announced before in my sneak preview into the themes I am looking to explore this year is now gradually taking place. Some of my most beloved subjects already come to life, the mighty Bull, regal Stag and noble Sheep.

I also endeavour to complete a couple of classical paintings once I'm back from studying in Florence to improve my oil painting classical techniques.

Please meet "Emlyn" The Mighty Bull

My passion for Big Bull driving me to create more paintings of such stunning animals.

I have found amazing new character to work with, his name Emlyn from Finland. Over a several years working with Carola the owner of this beautiful cattle from Finland farm , I have great developed business friendship which I'm very grateful as its really helps me to fulfilled my passion for art.

Currently on my easel I have putt together one more grand Bull, which I'm very Happy to announce I've almost completed the last touches.

This painting is painted with Acrylics on Belli Arti Italian Gessoed cotton canvas, size: 72" x 44" ones stretched. Painting can also be sold rolled up canvas to, with flat packed stretcher bars and fittings, for safer option during transportation.

Please klick the link. Emlyn Original Painting


My newly scanned originals had great prints results and now launched through my website.

Please see prints proof sample's below;

"Herdwick Sheep"

Original painting size 30" x 30" Acrylics on Linen available to buy through my website. Please klick the link. "Herdwick Sheep"

"Imperial Bull Elk"

Original painting size 54" x 40" Acrylics on Linen. Please klick the

New Painting currently on my easel. Wolf

Update will follow.

Thank you to all my lovely customers for been great support and admires to what I do best, its always a pleasure to be here for you all.

For those of you who would like to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pintrst, keep up to date with my latest news at and @dinaperejogina respectively.

@Dina Perejogina




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