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My full Russian name is Dina Alexandrovna Perejogina. I was born in St Petersburg (previously known as Leningrad), Russia, in April 1976. My mother and father are both artists. I grew up with my mother and my brother in St Petersburg. My mother was a talented artist. Her prferred work style was that of the old masters, choosing to paint with oil on canvas. She lived in St Petersburg all her life. My father used to teach Art in Moscow and is still responsible for restoring Russian Icon art, along with other important state artefacts, including traditional Russian miniature lacquered boxes. My brother is a wonderful stonemason and artist working with semi-precious stone creating fireplaces, mosaic floors and sculptures.


I guess you could say that I am following in my parents' footsteps, as I graduated from the St Petersburg Art Restoration school and subsequently became interested in wildlife drawing and painting. In 1996 I moved to the UK and I am now a British Citizen, happily married with two lovely children.


My love of wildlife and fine art has led me to develop a very detailed style of work. I will usually spend several weeks on a painting to ensure I capture the intricacy and essence of my subject. I always endeavour to create emotion in my paintings, in the hope that the owners of my work will be moved to smile whenever they catch sight of it.

In 2014, three brown piglets helped artist Dina Perejogina win the public vote at South Holland Open Arts contest – and this year it’s a brown bull.


Dina’s painting Head Strong has led to her becoming the first artist to win the coveted trophy twice, following a poll at the exhibition in the South Holland Centre.


Dina, of Spalding, said: “I love painting animals and in England you have so many amazing animals but not many people have paintings of them.

“These animals get taken for granted artistically, but to me they are beautiful and I want more people to love them as much as more exotic animals.

“I am very grateful to everyone who voted for me – it’s lovely to know that people are enjoying my work.”


Coun Gary Taylor, South Holland District Council’s portfolio holder for arts development, was full of admiration for the winning entry.


He said: “Dina’s painting is very striking and grabs your attention, so I can see why many people voted for it.

“This year’s exhibition once again featured high quality artwork so I would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter.”


Open Arts, which has been running annually since 1999, aims to showcase the best work by professional and amateur artists from across the region.



"A Spalding artist with a penchant for painting animals has won the prestigious public vote trophy at this year's South Holland Open Arts contest - for the third time."


Dina Perejogina's painting 'Stag Presence' which depicts a striking brown Stag, captured the admiration of visitors to the exhibition which took place at the South Holland Centre earlier this month.


Dina becomes the first artist to win the coveted public vote trophy on three occasions - back in 2014 she triumphed with her painting of three brown piglets peering over a fence and in 2016 her painting of a brown Bull took the prize.


Dina said: "I can't believe I have won again, I didn't think people would vote for me because they may have known I was a previous winner.

"I love painting animals and like to give a sense that they are looking straight at you in a happy and uplifting way, spreading positive vibes.

"I am very grateful to everyone who voted for me - it's lovely to know that people are enjoying my work."


Cllr Gary Taylor, South Holland District Council's portfolio holder for arts development, said: "Dina's painting is very striking and certainly grabs your attention, so I can see why many people voted for it.

"To win the trophy three times is an outstanding achievement of which she can rightly feel proud."

I am fortunate to have been selected as the artist to promote REACT (Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust). REACT is dedicated to raising awareness and educating people about the threats to endangered species.


REACT currently focus on helping three threatened species; the Malayan sun bear, the Bornean orangutan, and the Asian pygmy elephant, raising funds to protect their environment. I am delighted to have been commissioned by Andy Buchan, art patron of the Gloss Gallery, Exeter to produce original paintings of REACT's chosen endangered species to support their conservation plans.


If you are interested in finding out more about REACT or would like to support the charity you can visit their website by clicking here

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Handing over my painting to REACT

Donated to REACT 2011 'Malayan Sun Bear' 70cm x 70cm Acrylic on Board This is the first of three paintings I was commissioned to paint for REACT in 2011. REACT has created prints and posters from the original painting to support their fundraising. If you are interested in buying one of the prints or posters please click on this link >

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