Paintings by Dina Perejogina 

'The World'
'Munna Tiger'
'Grazing Horses'
'Simmental's Family Love'
Aberdeen Angus Junior
'Radiant Deer'
Cheeky Oink
'Raidient Deer' 40" x40"
Radiant Deer
'Simmentals Family Love'
'Bison Presence' 40"x38"
Originals & Prints
Rising Bull Elk
Grand Kyloe Bull
Llamas Alpaca
Ewe Listening
The Donkeys
"Bison Presence"
'Bison Presence'
'Grazing Horses'
'Piglets Presence'
'Desert Orchid'
'Red Rum'
'Pick 'n' Mix'
'Piggy Porky'
'Locked Horns'
'Feeding Time'
'Ewe Looking at Me?'
'Friesian Cross Devon Cows'
'Jacob Lambs'
'Simmental Couple'
'Winsome Bull'
'Portland Ram Heathcliff'
'Charolais Calf'
'Family of Five'
'The Mare'
'Eye to Eye'
'Strong Will'
'Stag Presence'
'Crossing Zebras'
'Stag Study'
'Highland Taurus'
'Lion Walk'
'Valais Blacknose'
'Black Bull'
'Ewe Family Time'
'Red Head'
'Reindeer Study'
'Head Strong'
'Basking Seal'
'Every Which Way'
'Family Portrait'
'Happy As'
'Head On'
'Piggy Boo'
'Jersey Girl'
'Lambing Season'
'I'm All Ears'
'Inquisitive Ewe'
'Easy-Going Ewe'
'Mid Air Hare'
'Lucky Cock'
'Moo Bellow and Grunt'
'Lamb Chop Bop'
'Snow Leopard'
'Sir Hare'
'Ram Beau'
'Three Little Piglets'
'Aberdeen Angus Calf'
Me & Ewe
'Hey and Haw'

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