NEW Completed original paintings and ready set up prints by Dina Perejogina

“Simmental’s Family Love”

60” x 60” 

What a joy was to work on this most ambitious large canvas painting that took six months of full time to complete it. 

Big Thank you to a wonderful Farm in Brechin Angus Scotland that let me use the photos References. 

This amazing Cows 🐄 very milky breed and primarily used for meat production. They are a continental breed originally from Switzerland. Very good mothers and a popular breed to cross with other breeds. 

Cow On the left is Charisma with her calf Fifa underneath her. Cow at the back is Bobbete. Freesia on left and Fushia on right (calves).

* PRINTS are available NOW on my website under the hand crafted limited edition box canvas in the sizes: medium 24” x 24” , large 40” x 40” .

“Radiant Deer” (photo below and more on my website)

40” x 40”

What a successful with a great depth Deer painting, I’m very thrilled with the outcome. Managed to combine some of the rich deep colours that very trendy and keep my detailed 3D style in this beautiful animal that I’ve put together from about four different photos to create my own exclusive image, I’ve enjoyed creating a great life like presence in the room of a stunning Stag😃🦌 and wasn’t shy talking to him whilst painting ☺️

There is something interesting I’ve come across in Celtic Methodology and Celtic religion the stag was a symbol for the god Cernunnos, "The Horned One". Cernunnos was often portrayed with antlers himself, and was a god of the forest and wild animals. He was also seen as a god of 'Plenty', and the large Celtic 'Cauldrons of Plenty' often featured deer motifs amongst their ornate decoration. The magnificent Gundestrup Cauldron, for example, shows an antlered man alongside a deer and other wildlife. Though this is often regarded as a representation of Cernunnos, his pose in a half lotus position suggests he could also be a Celtic shaman.

Interesting facts 🤔😉

* PRINTS are available on my website under the hand crafted limited edition box canvas in the sizes: medium 24” x 24” , large 40” x 40” . 


Global, Award-winning Artist Dina Perejogina. Based in the UK; specialising in timeless paintings of farm animals, wildlife and classical sculptures.

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