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Another great print result true to the original!

Thank you to DPS digital in Sleaford after a successful day setting up another few of my limited edition prints ready for Christmas orders. I've left very happy the printing company knowing that my customers going to get the best quality prints from one of the best printing equipment there is.

Here is  print of Boo Boo also known as "Strong Will" in the England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, North America, and soon to be in Germany:)))

22" x 22" Strong Will 

Box canvas print ready to be stretched on to 5cm deep museum quality stretcher bars and varnished 

And here is the finished look of the limited edition print after it's been stretched varnished and ready to be put up on the wall no need framing. 

It's would look wonderful and grand in the original size of the original painting 40"x38" that option is also available on my website. 

Every print is done with love and care and the best quality materials :) 

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