Rising Bull Elk

What an enjoyable project and already just a memory left of the ideas, thoughts and action i took to wards achieving this result.

I have worked with several photos which helped me to achieve the look I want it for my beautiful Stag. The photo of a head Stag was black and white so I had to pick the colours from a different photographs. The antlers was from different photo and the body from forth photograph. Overall I think I’ve end up using about seven photos all from different places taken by different people... Very happy to claim this image my own😃👌

The background was created separate on my floor with some of my abstract experiment I’ve done, later on will be turned in to a proper painting, I called it proper in my opinion is where I add a animal 🦓 🦒 of my choice to compliment the abstract and animal together.

Acrylic on Canvas 

44” x 34” 


Global, Award-winning Artist Dina Perejogina. Based in the UK; specialising in timeless paintings of farm animals, wildlife and classical sculptures.

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