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AI Plagiarism

It has been brought to my attention that someone has used AI to 'commandeer' my work 'Wistful Wolf' and pass it off as their own. Thanks to a post on Facebook by Thais Linhares, who exposed in 'Ilustradores Brasil' how AI is being used to abuse. Below is a translation from Portuguese of this post and the images shared.

AI is plagiarism.

I see collegues in the arts fields, using AI for their 'jokes'. They are committing plagiarism, stealing the work of other Artists. They may not be using it commercially or for material things, but the fact is that the Original Artist remains unaware that their work has been stolen and certainly wouldn't appreciate this abuse.

Every time someone uses an AI app, it further empowers the companies whose boots are on our necks. Today, I discovered that one cannot report plagiarism unless you are the author of the plagiarised work. The reason I wanted to report the post is because it used AI to generate an image to use as 'bait' to shamelessly gain 'likes' and other social media attention. It was so brazen that it 'mixed' just enough, to distinguish itself from the original image that they stole from the Artist 'Dina Perejogina' (see her art on Pinterest and Instagram at @daperejogina). This normalisation of plagiarism to gain likes and other social media attention harms me and everyone else in society.

There are two pretty dishonest things going on here: 'content' pages that create fake images and news using AI with no moral brakes. We may even think: ah, bad luck, only the very blind believe, like and share these posts, but realise that there is also something pretty bad here. Pinterest is delivering it's original images: famliy photos, art etc. to hack AI machines. Do YOU agree with this?

Here I have put the original photo and the hack to compare. I found this easily by using Google browser for images - doing a reverse image search.

Here's a 'boomers' tip for my friends -

I just ask that for every plagiarism post, please share 7 times the original Art WITH CREDIT to the Artist and an ACCESS LINK of the original author of the artwork. Favourite and comment in the Dina Perejogina Artist social media pages.

Art exists and is beautiful because of the EFFORT, INVESTMENT and STUDY of a person like me, like you and unlike the lazy, shameless person who orders their art from AI and thinks they are creating something.


I am sharing this to raise awareness that these things happen more and more often. Please share this knowledge with others before more Artists suffer through AI plagiarism.

love from Dina x



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