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60cm diameter Oil Painting on Gessoed Wood, depiction of a Sagittarius Amour 


I was buzzing with anticipation to try out some special framework on my Amour painting. My dear Husband has completed an amazing hand-made frame, complimenting the look and feel I wanted to achieve in my painting. I'm overjoyed with the result of this unique frame my Husband has created.


The idea came to me after just recently watching together a documentary on Amazon Prime about an Artist: Torrentius, of whom only one piece of artwork survives. The frame around it stood out for me so much that my husband agreed to recreate it, to the best of his ability.


I couldn't ask for more, once again, through our joint work, my dear Husband and I bring a little more creativity into the world.


On the Easel..

I am excited to announce that I have started painting another 'Grand Kyloe Bull' - Version II. I will be recreating the original painting, but renewed, as per my client's request. Watch this space!


I have started the lighter counterpart painting of 'Inner Courage'; a white Toro Bull - a 'Ying & Yang', complimenting light and dark with his lambent grace. A concept that originated in Chinese Philosophy, describing opposite but interconnected, mutually perpetuating forces, embodies my intention with this pair of paintings. Working on this in between my other paintings - such a joy!

 'Mary Magdalene' - 40cm x 40 cm on box canvas Belle Arti Gessoed Box Canvas, stretched on to pine branded bars. I have already started to think up ideas of what unique frame my husband and I could design for this one!


Recently Completed Paintings

My recent “Christ” painting 40cm x 40cm on Belle Arti Gessoed Box Canvas, stretched on pine branded bars, has been framed in an unique style. Once again, hand crafted by my Husband, who is very talented in his craftsmanship and took the time to recreate the look of an antique church mirror that we have the honour of owning. The chain idea comes from the Victorian period style of picture hanging to make its unique look.


Great News! An Original Painting of mine - 'Easy Going Ewe' - is back on my website for sale. I am very excited to announce that I can now offer you the possibility to own one of my most successful paintings. Completed on 17.09.2014, this beautiful image of a sheep was painted from a photo reference, through the support of a local farmer, who made it possible for me to go there and take photos of his farm animals for my painting projects.


Here is a short video of the original painting, with it's beautifully unique, hand-crafted and painted mount, which gives it an extra special look. It is of my own design, and emanates the dramatic aura I wanted for this original artwork to be displayed.


Please see my recent blog post, raising awareness on the recent fraud, copyright infringement and plagiarism I have experienced on social media. I’m very grateful to the honest people who discovered this and pointed it out to me. I appreciate those who stand up for us Artists, by reporting these unfair, illegal activities, now made easy through the use of AI.  Big Thanks to Thais Linhares.


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