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' Wing your flight o'er all the Earth... ' The elegance and graceful presence felt by this Angel in female form, is a preview into the workings of my first of the next set of two matching paintings titled 'Guardian' and 'Angel'. The reference I have taken for the body of this angel was inspired by sculpture, and the wings were my own spiritual creation. After recently undertaking classical studies in Florence, I gained further insight into the application and technique of using oils. Since my studies, I feel such a divine and holy connection with this painting and its upcoming partner 'Guardian', and am so looking forward to building upon my collection of classical style paintings.

The feeling this painting evokes within me is the serene and holy presence of a guardian angel, looking out over the world for it to be a safer place for us all. 'Forgiveness', one of my previous classical paintings, portrayed a cherub. Capturing the nuances of the cherub was my mother's dream, and I see my own similar dreams being fulfilled through this 'Angel'. Visions I have for the future of my classical artwork include circular paintings, perhaps classicistic profile portraits. 'Guardian', the counterpart to this painting, is inspired by a Michelangelo sculpture of classical antiquity, which will encapsulate the feeling of safety and protection.

I'm happy to update my customers with some photos of my progress on this latest exciting journey I'm on - achieving one of my most desired works to create classical style paintings.

On my 'Angel' painting I am building up layers of paint, highlighting the complexity of the many tones, and refining the detail as I focus on each small part. The lower body is close to completion; however, there remains much to do on the shoulders, hands and of course, the sweetest face is yet to be refined. Once the main body is complete, I will move on to start creating her beautiful, flowing wings, the earth she holds in her hands and the background to complement the angelic setting.

I am always following my feelings, which combined with years of fine art painting experience, means I am confident I will achieve my vision and continue to enhance my skills as an artist.

Thank you to all my lovely customers for been great support and admires to what I do best, its always a pleasure to be here for you all.

For those of you who would like to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pienterst, keep up to date with my latest news at and @dinaperejogina respectively.

@Dina Perejogina




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