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Updates from Dina Perejogina

First of all, I pray you all stay safe and in good health throughout this challenging time. During times like these it is imperative that we support one another and show compassion to others as we face these trials together. On this note, I would like to say thank you for strengthening me, and keeping morale high through your support and admiration of my work and for each subscriber to my updates.

Some of my recent paintings have changed direction after ten years of experience painting mainly animals. I have reached the blissful and fulfilling transition towards this alluring style of work. Classical sculptures embody emotions for many people, touching on deep feelings and profound percipience. I am looking forward to exploring deeper into this subject and cultivating my oil painting techniques.

'Inner Balance'

When I visited Holland around five years ago with my family, I picked up the inspiration of my painting 'The Inner Balance' during a tour of the Rusk Museum. I was enchanted by this sculpture ~ ' L'Amour Menacant ' by Falconet, and brought home a postcard of the statue.

Being my Mother's favourite subject, I was roused to pick up my brushes and expand my new style of Classical Paintings, as my dear Mother never explored this mode of expression on this topic that she held so dear.

I endeavour for the titles of my work to have profound meaning and yet the leniency of open interpretation for its audience. Following my previous painting 'Forgiveness', I required a similarly suitable name for this composition of the cherub that would capture the innocence of a child and yet equivocation of expression carved on this sculptures face. 'Inner Balance' established the desired notion of this painting.

The inborn passion I have for this subject is translated through the anthropological realism in fine details, capturing the nuances of my subjects with verve.

'Inner Balance'

54” x 36”

Oil on Linen

The Original Painting is now Sold, however Limited Edition Canvas Prints and Paper prints are available to purchase here



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