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Firstly, I would like to wish everyone to stay safe and well in this difficult time. May you, your families and friends be supportive of each other and stay socially in touch to monitor everyone that need our help to get through this together. Best wishes to all and stay safe.

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My last two new paintings have changed direction due to ten years experience with painting mainly animals. I have reached the happy and rewarding transition towards this style of work. Classical sculptures art represents lots of people emotions, it’s touching deeper feelings and opens meaningful understanding. I am really looking forward to get in to this subject more deeper with my oil painting technique.

This painting of mine called

‘Inner Peace’ 54” x 36” oil on linen.

With few changes from mine artistic view, here is my interpretation of a famous cherub sculpture, 'L'Amour Menaçant' ('Love threatens') Cupid by Étienne Maurice Falconet, who is considered to be the most important sculptor of the French Rococo. It was commissioned in 1757 and currently on display in Amsterdam museum Rijksmuseum. Sculpture merely emphasizes the mysterious nature of love, a very popular theme in Rococo art.

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