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Shining News from Golden Bull

Meet Olvi. He was a gentle giant with a very gracious and serene soul. Olvi was 11 years old when sadly he became injured on the pasture at his work last summer. Regrettably as a result the kindest deliverance for this magnificent companion was for his owner to have him put to sleep.

He was loved immeasurably and left a chasm of emptiness in their hearts and farm in Finland. @smedisgarden.

Before painting Olvi's portrait, I had redirected the focus of my art, and for the last year have been exploring a another medium and differing the subject of animals.

My fingers were yearning for my paint brushes to yet again capture the fervour I have for painting animals, in particular the majestic Bull.

Consequently I continued to seek out my inspiration by musing over photos of this heroic creature, to trigger my resolve to fulfill this desire of mine.

Over the space of the year, I carefully reviewed hundreds of Bull images and, of all them all, the preeminence of Olvi distinguished him above the rest.

“Golden Bull”

54” x 40”

Scanning and proofing has been completed and now Limited Edition Prints are available to purchase.

Sizes for the Limited Edition, hand-crafted and stretched box canvas prints are approximately: Large 44' x 30' and Medium 34' x 20'.

A big thank you once again to all my subscribers and for your continuing support and appreciation towards my art.

Artist Dina Perejogina

Copyright Dina Perejogina


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02 sept. 2020


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