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Meet Olvi. He was a giant with a very kind and calm soul. Olvi was 11 years old when he became injured on the pasture at his work last summer. Sadly as a result the owner had to put him down.

He was loved very much and left a big emptiness at their farm in Finland @smedisgarden.

My story is this...before painting Olvi the bull, I had changed my art direction and for the last year I have been working with a different medium and different subjects to animals. I have missed and never let go of thinking about painting animals, particularly beautiful bulls, and was still continuing to seek out inspirational bull photos to trigger my emotions to one day come back and paint one. During the last year I’ve carefully reviewed hundreds of bull photos and out of all the photos of different bulls, Olvi’s photos stood out in a very special way.

So here is how I see Olvi and my interpretation of him on the canvas.

Original Art by Dina Perejogina.

Name: “Golden Bull”

Size: 54” x 40”

Scanning and proofing is being completed by the middle of September 2020.

Limited Edition prints will be set up on my website soon after.

Orders can be placed in advance at any time via email:

Sizes for the limited edition, hand crafted and stretched box canvas prints are estimated and approximate until proofed: large 44' x 30' and medium 34' x 20'.

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Artist Dina Perejogina

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